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National District Attorneys Association, National Prosecution Standards, Third Edition

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Title: National District Attorneys Association, National Prosecution Standards, Third Edition
País: United States
Idioma: English
Fuente: Fuente: National District Attorneys Association, http://www.ndaa.orgFuente: National District Attorneys Association,
Reseña: These standards are intended to be an aspirational guide to professional conduct in the performance of the prosecutorial function. Unless otherwise indicated, they are intended to apply to the chief prosecutor (by whatever title) in any office, as well as to deputy and assistant prosecutors. These standards are intended to supplement rather than replace the existing rules of ethical conduct that apply in a jurisdiction. Generally, these standards should be construed in such a way that they are consistent with existing law and applicable rules of ethical conduct. These standards are intended to be guides for prosecutors in the day-to- day performance of the prosecution function, but the problems of professionalism and ethics are too varied to be subject to unvarying rules. Thus, the decision whether or not to follow one or more of these standards may or may not constitute an unacceptable lack of professionalism, depending on the attendant circumstances. These standards are not intended to: (a) be used by the judiciary in determining whether a prosecutor committed error or engaged in improper conduct; (b) be used by disciplinary agencies when passing upon allegations of violations of rules of ethical conduct; (c) create any right of action in any person; or (d) alter existing law in any respect. The accompanying commentary is intended to help prosecutors understand and interpret these standards, but is not an official part of the standards. If the commentary appears inconsistent with the text of the standard, the text should guide the prosecutor’s actions. (palabras claves: ministerio público, estándares)

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